Let's Wait for the Facts on Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

Let’s talk about Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.

So far this offseason, he’s stayed away from organized team activities, as is his right. These are voluntary workouts, and since Clinton-Dix doesn’t have a workout bonus in his contract, he really has no pressing reason to be there.

But he made some pretty harsh comments late last season and early in the offseason about a lack of accountability on defense, saying there was not a group of veteran players who could step up and demand action and Packers needed more guys who could do that.

To hear those remarks and then not see him at organized team activities is a head scratcher. It's not a good look for him. However, I want us all to reserve judgment on this until we get all the facts.

Clinton-Dix has not said anything online about his absence. He has not said anything to reporters. There have been no anonymous sources, nothing giving any sort of indication as to why he has chosen to stay away. Mike McCarthy has said Clinton-Dix “had a personal situation that he's attended to,” but other than that, the Packers haven't said anything either. We just don't know what the situation here is.

I will say again that it's a bad look for him, especially with the Packers having a new defensive coordinator in town and Clinton-Dix being in a contract year. But we need to resist the temptation to react now, as bad a look as it may be until we have all the information.

Sooner or later there will be a mandatory minicamp, he’ll show up, and we’re going to get some answers. They may not be good answers and we may ultimately decide this was a bad move for him and criticize his motives or whatever the case may be. But let’s wait until we learn what his motives may be to decide how we feel about this. I’m doing my best to do that. I hope I can count on you to do that as well.

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