Why Would The Packers Want Nick Foles?

Quarterback Nick Foles is done in Los Angeles, released by the Rams at his own request.

Foles is not a great quarterback by any stretch of the imagination, although his incredible 2013 season in Philadelphia shows what he can do in the right situation. Should he find that right situation he could be a valuable backup.

But apparently, CBS Sports thinks it's pretty likely that right situation is in Green Bay.

Ranking the most likely spots for Foles to land, the Packers come in at number eight! The quote:

A quarterback room with Aaron Rodgers and Brett Hundley - the team's second year quarterback - is probably already full. Still, Hundley's never thrown a pass in the NFL. There's really no way to know how the Packers feel about Hundley, but if they're doubting his readiness to back up Rodgers, then bringing someone in with actual experience, who can keep the team afloat if Rodgers misses a small chunk of time, makes sense.

This is a team almost guaranteed to make the playoffs. Having a decent, proven backup matters.

Okay, first of all, there's a pretty good way of knowing how the Packers feel about Brett Hundley: they let their only other quarterback go (Scott Tolzien) in the off-season and only brought undrafted free agents to camp.

If they weren't confident in Hundley in any sort of way, do you really think there would be only a DIII rookie and a guy who's more accomplished as a runner than as a passer in Green Bay right now?

What's more, the Packers are said to somehow be more likely landing spots than these insane teams: 

  • The Jets (ranked 25th most likely to land Foles), who are riding with Geno Smith (who is Geno Smith) behind Ryan Fitzpatrick (who has only completed more than 60% of his passes once in three season as a full-time starter).
  • The Chargers (23rd most likely), whose backups Kellen Clemens and Zach Mettenberger, have thrown a combined 28 touchdowns and 34 interceptions in their collective 12 NFL seasons.
  • The Falcons (21st), where back-up Matt Schaub is now on his fourth team in four years and whose last extended starting experience saw him throw four touchdowns to the other team. Since 2014, he's thrown as many pick sixes as touchdowns.
  • The Texans (14th), who are spending money on Brock Osweiler and nobody else at quarterback, currently employing Brandon Weeden and Tom Savage.
  • The Redskins (13th), where Kirk "New Money, Nine Wins" Cousins is backed up by Colt McCoy. What does CBS say of McCoy? "He is not good. That is not in doubt." Okay then.
  • The Giants (11th), who are counting on the ten NFL passes from Ryan Nassib to back-up Eli Manning.
  • And finally, the Colts (9th), who are ranked as less likely than the Packers in part because they signed Scott Tolzien, whom the Packers chose to let go because they have... Brett Hundley.

So no, the Packers aren't remotely more in need of Foles' services than any one of these teams, and they have plenty of reasons to assume that Brett Hundley will be more than competent in relief of Rodgers, should the need arise.