Packers 2016 Recap: RB John Crockett

2016 Stats

  • Did not appear in any games
  • Pro Football Focus: None

Expectations going into the season were: Low
Expectations were: Not met

Analysis: Crockett’s 2016 a missed opportunity

It’s not his fault, but John Crockett missed a huge opportunity in 2016.

In a season where the Packers went through approximately 36* running backs (*citation needed), Crockett surely would have gotten a look if he’d been healthy, perhaps even a long one.

Alas, Crockett injured his shoulder late in the preseason and was put on injured reserve as a result.

The former Division I FCS college star missed what could have been an extended chance to show he could compete at the NFL level, and now he may never get one, at least not with the Packers.

Green Bay has decided not to offer a tender to Crockett, a restricted free agent. Though a few other players have returned to the Packers after initially not being offered a tender, Crockett so far has not had the opportunity, and the Packers could be ready to move on.

If they do, it’ll be just the latest in a series of “what ifs” for Crockett, the small school star who never got his shot in Green Bay.