Packers 2017 Recap: LS Derek Hart

A member of the three-man long snapper carousel, Derek Hart’s 2017 season was filled with ups and downs.

More specifically, it was filled with a couple small ups and several very large downs.

2017 Stats

  • Appeared in two games (17 total snaps)

Expectations going into the season: Low
Expectations were: Not Met

Analysis: Hart fails to keep a job that was never going to be his

When the Packers signed Taybor Pepper and Derek Hart after the end of the 2016 season, it seemed almost inevitable that the Brett Goode era in Green Bay was over.

But after Pepper was released during OTAs and Hart struggled in training camp, Goode made his way back to the Packers. Hart was released shortly thereafter, losing his job to Goode for the first time in 2017.

When Goode was injured early in the season, Hart wasn’t the Packers first call; instead, they brought Pepper back for another go-round, which turned out to be relatively short-lived after Pepper broke his foot in practice. With two long snappers on the shelf, Hart got a chance at redemption.

It lasted two weeks, culminating with a bad snap against the Chicago Bears that resulted in a missed field goal attempt.

At that point, the Packers had seen all they needed to see from Hart, and he was released to make room for Goode, who by that time had recovered from his early-season injury.

It’s tempting to place blame for Hart’s departure solely on his performance, but it’s likely he was only keeping the seat warm for Goode from the moment he returned to Green Bay. Familiarity got him a shot at redemption, but unless he was lights out, it was never going to last long anyway.

Unfortunately for Hart, he made the decision easy for the Packers.