Packers 2017 Recap: LS Taybor Pepper

Taybor Pepper certainly had a season in 2017.

2017 Stats

  • Appeared in four games (34 snaps on special teams)

Expectations going into the season: Low
Expectations were: Not met

Analysis: At least you tried, Taybor

There’s little point in analyzing Taybor Pepper’s run with the Packers beyond just giving the play-by-play on what happened.

Pepper was signed by the Packers along with Derek Hart in the team’s ongoing quest to find a long snapper to replace Brett Goode.

Pepper was cut before training camp began, but after Hart started to falter in training camp, the Packers brought Goode back and he took the job from Hart.

After Goode got hurt early in the season, the Packers signed Pepper to fill-in while they waited for him to heal. Four weeks later, Pepper broke his foot in practice and Hart was brought back to replace him, only to be cut when Goode was ready to return.

To recap: Pepper was cut in favor of a guy with whom he’d been competing to replace Goode, only to see that guy lose his job to Goode, leading to Pepper replacing Goode when Goode got hurt, only to have Pepper get hurt and get himself replaced by the guy with whom he’d been competing who was ultimately cut in favor of Goode for a second time.

Football is awesome.