Packers Draft Preview: Florida CB Quincy Wilson

If the Packers want size and physicality from their corners, it would be hard to find a better combination than Quincy Wilson.

At 6-1 and 211 pounds, Wilson is a big-bodied, physical defender who could be the right fit for a Packers secondary in need of an identity.

What are Wilson’s strengths?

  • Plays to his size
  • Very physical in man coverage; dominates receivers at the line of scrimmage
  • Decent ball skills; six career interceptions
  • Above average as a run defender

What are Wilson’s weaknesses?

  • Wasn’t asked to play more than one spot at Florida and may lack versatility
  • 4.54 speed in the 40 is less than ideal
  • Gambles too often despite minimal passes in his direction
  • Might be too physical in coverage for the NFL

How does Quincy Wilson fit with the Packers?

Wilson’s strengths do align with what the Packers ask for from their cornerbacks: he’s physical, can play the ball well, and generally seems assignment sure.

However, his weaknesses are also big red flags for the Packers. A lack of versatility wouldn’t align with their preferences from their cover men and his speed would put him on the slow end, even for the Packers, who have been more forgiving about speed than some other teams.

If Wilson isn’t at least capable of lining up at both outside corner spots, he might be less ideal than he initially seems.

Will the Packers draft Quincy Wilson?

While some prospects in this series may be gone before the Packers get a chance at them, Wilson may actually be a player the Packers would prefer to wait on. It’s possible, even likely, that Wilson could slide out of the first round, and if he does, the Packers could be in the market for a bargain in the second round.