Packers Draft Preview: Ohio State CB Gareon Conley

The ongoing roulette that is the mock draft universe turns now to Gareon Conley, half of Ohio State’s excellent tandem of corners in this year’s draft class.

Conley is a little bigger, a little longer, and a little slower than his counterpart Marshon Lattimore, but both were thought of highly enough to be potential first round picks in this year’s draft.

The Packers are widely understood to need help in the secondary, and although Lattimore will certainly be gone by the time Green Bay is on the clock, Conley may be available. Is it a match?

What are Conley’s strengths?

  • Excelled in man coverage and improved each year in college
  • Led the nation in opposing passer rating on throws in his direction
  • Good size and speed (6-0, 4.44 in the 40-yard dash)
  • Good ball skills

What are Conley’s weaknesses?

  • Could be a one year wonder as previous seasons were not nearly as successful
  • Not as comfortable playing away from receivers as in press man
  • Needs to be more physical
  • Not good in run support

How does Conley fit with the Packers?

The Packers love press man coverage, and that’s the reported strength of Conley’s game. Conley’s combination of size and speed is also a coveted asset in Green Bay, where last year’s corners seemed to have size or speed, but not both.

Assuming he can play as well as he’s projected, Conley would seem to be a great fit in Green Bay.

Will the Packers draft Gareon Conley?

The question on Conley is whether or not the Packers will get a chance to draft him. Several outlets have reported Conley as a lock to be taken in the first 20 picks, and SB Nation’s mock draft compilation thinks he could go as high as 11th overall.

If he’s available at 29, he’d have to be in consideration for the Packers. But bear this in mind: NFL draft analyst Tony Pauline told The Power Sweep that out of all the players at the top of the cornerback class, he was most concerned about Conley.

If the Packers do draft him in the first round, he’s already coming with one significant caveat.