Will Mike McCarthy Be Fired After 2016?

Jon identified Mike McCarthy’s move to take back playcalling as one of the three biggest storylines this year. He also asked one pressing question: if the Packers falter on offense this year, what’s the solution?

McCarthy already gave up play calling duties once, so that’s likely not an option. So is the only other course of action a change at the top?

Let’s explore that idea through the following fill in the blank:

There is a ___ percent chance that Mike McCarthy is fired if the Packers don't perform well on offense this season.

Jon says: 15%

When people are faced with a dramatic change, they vote for the status quo. Even if Mike McCarthy fails so hard the Packers don’t make the playoffs, he’s safe for at least one more year.

McCarthy and Ted Thompson work well together. They share similar philosophies on player development and team building in general, and seem to have generally similar philosophies.

That philosophy is slow to change, whether it’s in terms of personnel or coaching style. Think of how long Ted Thompson tried to make Justin Harrell happen. Think, also, of how slow McCarthy was to adapt to last season’s loss of Jordy Nelson. Those mindsets are firmly entrenched, and they won’t be changed quickly.

Moreover, McCarthy’s coaching staff is just as firmly entrenched. Should McCarthy be forced out of the job, who would take his place that would mark a significant difference, save for an outside hire? In the event that would happen, the rest of the coaching staff would likely be turned over as well.

I am not convinced that even if things go horribly wrong, Thompson would want to shake things up that dramatically.

Gary says: 60%

The latest coaching trend in the NFL is to hire a defensive minded head coach. The Vikings have have found success with Mike Zimmer, Todd Bowles and the Jets seem to be headed in the right direction, and somehow Rex Ryan still gets head coaching gigs. Mike McCarthy is becoming a relic of a bygone era – the late 2000’s.

We’ve written in depth on the idea that this season is Super Bowl or bust. In my opinion, the Packers can only make the Super Bowl if their offense performs at a high level. Despite a defense loaded with high draft picks, the Packers proved last season they were not consistent enough on the defensive side of the ball to carry the team through a prolonged offensive slump.

Ted Thompson and McCarthy have enjoyed a long reign of success together, but another disappointing campaign in today’s win now NFL may be enough to send the long-time coach packing. After all, Thompson proved last week with guard Josh Sitton’s release that anyone can be expendable.

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