The Packers Need More Free Agents Like Letroy Guion

The Packers need help in the front seven. Letroy Guion is an excellent example of a budget free agent brought aboard for depth. If the Packers are hoping to shore up the front seven through free agency, Guion would be a great model to follow.

Guion represents one of Ted Thompson’s few forays into free agency, and one of his most successful. Since joining the Packers in 2014, Guion has been affordable, consistent, and regularly available, missing only four of a possible 48 regular season games during his three years in Green Bay.

To be sure, Guion isn’t without his drawbacks, his legal entanglements first and foremost. The Packers were surprisingly eager to turn a blind eye to his drug-related arrest and suspension in 2015, and he’s had several other scrapes with the law that have received far less attention.

But on the field, Guion has been a great fit for the Packers. Though his stats don’t overwhelm, Guion has contributed admirable at both defensive tackle and end, filling in especially well during B.J. Raji’s absence with a torn biceps in 2014. Though he’ll never be mistaken for a star, Guion has done whatever the Packers have asked of him, and done it reasonably well.

His workmanlike contributions are exactly the sort of thing that have been largely lacking among the Packers’ defensive front. If other second-tier players did their jobs as well as Guion does his, it’s likely the Packers wouldn’t have had such a problem with depth among their pass rushers.

Teams will always need role players, and free agency can be a great opportunity at a relatively affordable price. The Packers would do well to target more players like Guion.