Episode 32 - A Packers Edition of "Would You Rather?"

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This week on Blue 58… a member of Denver’s talented defense is connected to the Packers, we sort out our expectations on rookie cornerback Kevin King, and discuss why offensive coordinator Edgar Bennett hasn’t gotten any interest as a head coach. Also, would you rather have Jordy Nelson or Sterling Sharpe in their prime?

Here's the headlines we covered on this week's episode:

Should the Packers sign defensive lineman Vance Walker?

In his offseason review of the Green Bay Packers, ESPN’s Bill Barnwell said the Packers should consider signing former Denver Broncos defensive lineman Vance Walker. Barnwell thinks the Packers need more depth up front and pegs Walker as the man to provide it.

Jon: Do the Packers need to add another veteran to their defensive line?

Gary: I don’t think the Packers are going to make a change to their roster – barring any injuries that happen during OTA’s – until training camp begins.

I’m not as high on Walker’s potential value to the Packers as Barnwell is. I look at the way the roster’s set up now and I’m not sure where you fit a guy like Walker where you can get him meaningful snaps.

Green Bay’s going to continue to develop Dean Lowry, Kenny Clark and Montravius Adams, and Mike Daniels and Ricky Jean Francois will both get significant snaps, too. Not to mention Letroy Guion, who faces an early season suspension but is still on the roster.

What should we expect from Kevin King as a rookie?

It’s wishful thinking to imagine every player, every rookie and every coach on the roster will be the greatest of all time. However, on the edge of Kevin King’s professional career, let’s examine what we believe he could become “in a perfect world.”

Jon: What’s your perfect world scenario for Kevin King?

Gary: You made a good point in the article, Jon, by looking at how valuable other cornerbacks drafted in the first and second rounds by the Packers have been in their rookie seasons. To expect King to make an immediate, superstar contribution is wishful thinking.

Consider Sam Shields in his rookie year – he started only six games and came on near the end of the season. If you remember, he had two interceptions in the NFC Championship against Chicago… including one that sealed the victory.

Ideally, King’s development would benefit if Damarious Randall, Davon House and Quinten Rollins all play above their 2016 performances. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Why Isn’t Edgar Bennett a Head Coach?

Only Ted Thompson can compete with Edgar Bennett’s Packers pedigree over the last 25 years. Since Bennett joined the team in 1992, he has been a part of only four non-playoff teams.

Jon: What’s keeping Edgar Bennett from a head coaching job?

Gary: Two things have affected Bennett’s rise in the NFL coaching ranks. First is the Packers’ policy under McCarthy of blocking assistant coaches from interviewing for coordinator jobs if they’re under contract. We’re unsure whether Bennett had ever been requested to interview for a coordinator job in the past, but if he had and gotten the job… he’d be further along in his coaching career.

The second is time. Because of Tom Clements departure, 2017 is really the first year where Bennett is the main man in charge of the offense under McCarthy. Depending on how he fares in that role, I think we’ll see his name start to be floated around as a candidate starting next offseason.

Main Topic: Would You Rather?

It's pretty simple. We throw out a scenario, and you have to choose one of the two options. Here's a sampling of the scenarios we discussed on this week's episode:

  • Would you rather have had Sean Payton or Mike McCarthy as your head coach in 2006?
  • Would you rather have a Pro Bowl quarterback for one year or a Pro Bowl outside linebacker for four years?
  • Would you rather have one guaranteed Super Bowl win or a 25% shot at a Super Bowl for six years in a row?
  • Would you rather sign Corey Linsley or Davante Adams long term?
  • Would you rather have Jordy Nelson in his prime or Sterling Sharpe in his prime?

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