Three Packers Players In Danger After the Draft

The NFL Draft means new, exciting opportunities for a lot of young professional football players. It also means the end of the road for a lot of slightly-less-young professional football players as new draft picks render old ones redundant.

Such is the reality for several members of the Packers’ roster right now, and more will begin to face that situation as we get closer to the start of the 2018 season.

Here are the three players in the most danger right after the draft.

1 - WR Trevor Davis

The Packers added three wide receivers with great speed and a defensive back who can return punts, all but making the two things that Davis is best known for irrelevant. If anybody should be watching their back come training camp, it’s the 2016 fifth round pick.

Granted, Davis has a big leg up in experience, but given his limited contributions in two full seasons on the roster, his spot is anything but assured.

2 - WR DeAngelo Yancey

Speaking of wide receivers who are former fifth round picks, DeAngelo Yancey better expect the fight of his life in training camp. Like Davis, Yancey faces competition from players known for doing well at the exact things thought to be his calling card. Yancey is big, fast, and known for his big play ability, which describes fellow fifth-rounder Marquez Valdes-Scantling to a T.

Yancey surely benefits from a year on the practice squad, but he’ll have to be much more productive than he was a year ago to merit another shot at sticking around even there.

3 - CB Quinten Rollins

It can be tough to tell if Quinten Rollins was really that bad or if he just got put in bad positions due to the Packers’ somewhat outdated defensive scheme. Here’s one thing that we do know, though: it’s really hard to come back from a ruptured Achilles, which is exactly what Rollins is attempting to do while competing with 2018 first and second round picks Jaire Alexander and Josh Jackson for roster spots.

With Kevin King, Tramon Williams, and Davon House on the roster as well (to say nothing of Lenzy Pipkins and Donatello Brown), Rollins may already be on the wrong end of the numbers game.