Packers Rumors: Could Chiefs GM John Dorsey Replace Thompson in 2018?

When Packers general manager Ted Thompson retires, there will be no shortage of candidates for the open job. On a podcast posted Friday, Journal Sentinel writer Bob McGinn continued to float the idea that Chiefs general manager John Dorsey could be Green Bay’s next general manager.

Both Thompson and Dorsey are under contract through next year’s NFL Draft.

“If [Dorsey] doesn’t sign an extension, he’d be a free agent,” McGinn said on the Packers Podcast with McGinn and Cohen on Friday. “I think that’s a guy that could very well end up in Green Bay next year.”

It’s not the first time McGinn floated the idea of Dorsey returning to Green Bay, but it’s appearance in the podcast in light of the Chiefs’ dramatic trade last night makes it even more interesting.

Chiefs made a bold move up the draft in the first round

On Thursday night, Kansas City Chiefs general manager John Dorsey traded up from the 27th overall pick to the 10th overall pick to select Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

The Chiefs sent a 2017 third round pick and their 2018 first round pick for the right to move up to select Mahomes. With quarterback Alex Smith under contract for two more seasons, it’s a sure thing the rookie quarterback will be brought along slowly and given the opportunity to develop under head coach Andy Reid.

“[Dorsey] totally believed in Patrick Mahomes,” McGinn said on the podcast. “So did Andy Reid, he’s a tremendous quarterback coach. I’ve dealt with him for seven years and people who work with him think he’s terrific. Look what he’s done with Alex Smith. He’s squeezed everything he can out of that turnip.”

Dorsey’s legacy tied to Mahomes now

The idea of the Dorsey leaving the Chiefs organization after next season would be curious timing. Moving up 17 spots to select Mahomes is the type of legacy building move general managers are defined by.

Thompson’s legacy defining move, selecting Aaron Rodgers in the 2005 draft despite an established, yet aging, Brett Favre, has secured his long-term legacy and helped the Packers win a Super Bowl.

What remains to be seen is whether Dorsey views the Packers job as a “dream job” of sorts, where he’d be willing to leave behind a Chiefs organization he is just beginning to leave a lasting impression on.