Packers Rumors: Adrian Peterson's Price Too High? Visiting After Draft?

The long-rumored flirtation between Adrian Peterson and the Packers finally seems to be bearing some fruit.

ESPN's Ben Goessling reports the Packers are among the teams possibly interested in bringing the 32-year old running back in for a visit:

The Green Bay Packers have some interest in a visit with Peterson, but it's believed that might not happen until after the team can take stock of its roster following the draft. 

On paper, the Packers' interest (whatever it may be) in Peterson does make some sense. While Ty Montgomery and Christine Michael are under contract, it's likely that the Packers will need someone to absorb some carries next season.

If they can't find that player in the draft or the subsequent wave of undrafted signings, Peterson could fit the bill.

But as we've repeatedly said, Peterson shouldn't be considered any kind of solution for the Packers ground game. His game is weakest where the Packers need their backs to excel, and his age and history of child abuse are two enormous red flags.

Why is Adrian Peterson still a free agent?

Peterson finds himself among an unenviable group, a trio of formerly successful running backs battling age, injury concerns or both. Peterson, Jamaal Charles, and LeGarrette Blount have all been very successful throughout their careers, but unlike Eddie Lacy and Latavius Murray, all three are 30-years old or older.

With Lacy and Murray representing the cream of the free agent running back crop, teams had no real reason to sign any of the older three before the younger, healthier pair was off the market.

And even with the two younger backs gone, teams will drill the older players down for every cent, refusing to overpay for aging talent in an era where running backs are as plentiful and as disposable forever.

With the first wave of free agency over and Peterson and his compatriots still unsigned, teams have no reason to rush to bring any one of them under contract.

Any team that was interested in one of the three would have signed them already, and the Packers (and everyone else) would be wise to see if they could shore up their running back stable through other means before returning to the aging running back scrap heap.

3/24 Update: Peterson's price too high

According to ESPN's Jeremy Fowler, there's a reason why the 32-year-old running back is still on the open market:

On its face, Fowler's report of the Packers passing on a visit with Peterson and Goessling's report that the Packers may bring Peterson in for a visit after the draft seem to conflict. Not so fast!

It's possible Fowler is referencing a Green Bay visit in the initial wave of free agency, which would be in harmony with Goessling's report.