Packers Rumors: Would Green Bay Trade for Richard Sherman?

The rumor mill would have us believe the Seahawks are willing to at least listen to offers for All Pro cornerback Richard Sherman.

The Packers are in need of help in the secondary (even if they may not ultimately draft a corner), so it’s not surprising to see some people connecting the dots, however far apart they may be.

But though we’ve written in favor of the Packers bringing in big name cornerback help before, this is a move that’s hard to see becoming reality, if only because it would be insanely costly.

Big time corners demand big time payment

The only comparable trade involving a high end cornerback would have to be the deal that sent Champ Bailey from the Washington Redskins to the Denver Broncos in 2004. Bailey had just completed his fifth year and had just made his fourth consecutive trip to the Pro Bowl.

But having completed his rookie contract, Bailey was facing the possibility of a franchise tag, and he wanted no part of it. He threatened to boycott training camp and was given permission to seek a trade.

He found a willing partner in the Broncos, who were willing to part with running back Clinton Portis. Portis was entering just his third season, but he’d already had two 1,500 yard rushing seasons. His second monster year came despite missing three games due to injury.

The deal was consummated. Washington sent Bailey and a second round pick to Denver for Portis.

Elite costs are probably too rich for the Packers

It’s hard to determine an exact comparison in the price tag for Sherman, but Seattle would be well within its right to ask for some combination of elite players and or draft picks for his services.

They have no ultimate motivation to move him, but like all smart teams they’re willing to listen to offers. Everything is always for sale, but sometimes the price is too outlandish.

Sherman is an elite player and he would no doubt help the Packers, but even if Ted Thompson wanted to get him, I’m not sure that anything the Packers could offer would be worth what Sherman could bring.