Ranking Ted Thompson's Fourth Round Picks

For most general managers, the fourth round of the NFL draft is where things start to get a little bit dicey. While he’s had his share of misses, Ted Thompson’s fourth round successes have been close to unbelievable. Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Basically Stealing

  • David Bakhtiari - 2013
  • Mike Daniels - 2012
  • T.J. Lang - 2009
  • Josh Sitton - 2008 

If anybody ever tries to argue with you about Ted Thompson’s bona fides as a general manager, show them this list. Thompson doesn’t hit home runs in the fourth round. He hits bases empty grand slams in the fourth round.

Getting four players who could make legitimate arguments for being the best at what they do in the entire NFL in the fourth round is as good as it gets for a general manager.

Occasionally Splashy Spot Starters

  • Dean Lowry - 2016
  • Jake Ryan - 2015
  • JC Tretter - 2013
  • Will Blackmon - 2006

One could reasonably expect to pick up a spot starter in the fourth round, but Thompson has regularly picked up players capable of not only starting, but providing at times exceptional play.

Dean Lowry looks like an ascending young lineman, and Jake Ryan improved big time down the stretch to the point that he capably covered Odell Beckham Jr. up the seam in the playoffs.

JC Tretter was an elite center when healthy, and Will Blackmon was a standout special teamer with the Packers and has carved out a fine journeyman career with several teams after leaving Green Bay.

The Role-iest Role Players

  • Blake Martinez - 2016
  • Davon House - 2011
  • Brady Poppinga - 2005

“Can I get a guy who is the definition of a replacement level player and nothing more?” you ask.

“Say no more,” says Ted Thompson.

It Wasn’t Your Fault

  • Johnathan Franklin - 2013
  • Jeremy Thompson - 2008

Franklin and Thompson didn’t amount to much in Green Bay due to injury. They could have been competent players, perhaps even something more had their careers not been cut short. Not your fault, guys.

From Bad to Forgettable

  • Carl Bradford - 2014
  • Jerron McMillian - 2012
  • Alan Barbre - 2007
  • Cory Rodgers - 2006
  • Marviel Underwood - 2005

Thompson’s fourth round selections aren’t entirely a hit parade. These players range from actually bad fits (Bradford and McMillian) to marginally forgettable (Barbre and Rodgers) to sounding like they were actually plucked out of Madden’s player generator (Underwood).