Ranking Ted Thompson's Sixth Round Picks

The later into the draft you go, the more difficult it can be to find quality players. That’s not to say there aren’t good ones to be had, but just that it’s hard to find them.

That reality is reflected in Ted Thompson’s track record. Sure, there are some hits here, but by and large, the good players are much more limited.

Heroes of the Playoffs

  • James Starks - 2010
  • Desmond Bishop - 2007
  • Mason Crosby - 2007

Each of these players deserves special mention for their playoff heroics alone. Starks churned the Packers to Super Bowl XLV, and Desmond Bishop recovered the fumble Clay Matthews forced on the now-legendary “it is time” play. Crosby, meanwhile, connected on not one but two enormously clutch field goals in Dallas just this season.

Folk Hero Lite

  • Aaron Ripkowski - 2015
  • Johnny Jolly - 2006

Aaron Ripkowski is an adequate but largely unexciting replacement for John Kuhn (though his beard is great) and Johnny Jolly gets attention for his interesting name and *ahem* off the field exploits.

Surprising Contributors

  • Demetri Goodson - 2014
  • Nate Palmer - 2013
  • Jarius Wynn - 2009

Each of these players had their own shortcomings in the draft (Goodson’s age, Palmer’s small school background, Wynn’s size), but each of them showed surprising staying power. Goodson is still a special teams contributor, Palmer played 14 games for the Titans last season, and Wynn held on for six NFL seasons. That’s nothing to be ashamed of for any one of them.

More Than A Warm Body (But Not A Lot More)

  • Kyle Murphy - 2016
  • Christian Ringo - 2015
  • D.J. Smith - 2011
  • Korey Hall - 2007
  • Tyrone Culver - 2005
  • Mike Montgomery - 2005

Are any of these players elite contributors? No. But should you count on them to be? Also no.

Well, At Least You Got a Shot

  • Kennard Backman - 2015
  • Caleb Schlauderaff - 2011
  • Ricky Elmore - 2011
  • Brandon Underwood - 2009
  • Craig Bragg - 2005

Of these five players, three didn’t make it out of their first training camp with the Packers and only one (Underwood) lasted more than one season on the active roster. Sorry, fellas.