Rumor: Josh McDaniels is Only Interviewing with the Packers

New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels has turned down a request to interview for the Cincinnati Bengals’ job.

Eight NFL teams are looking for a new head coach, but the offensive coordinator behind one of the league’s most successful teams will only interview with one. His only confirmed interview is Friday morning with the Green Bay Packers.

How McDaniels is trying to avoid another failure as head coach

McDaniels is a young, smart, and creative offensive coach – all characteristics NFL teams are searching far and wide to find. But, blunders he’s made as a head coach have narrowed his margin for error.

  • Once the youngest head coach in NFL history, McDaniels arrived in Denver with full control over the roster. Those who followed the Broncos during his time recall the then-33-year-old as an “immature” coach who thought he was “bullet-proof,” and was ultimately “inexperienced.”

  • Last offseason, he agreed to be the next coach of the Indianapolis Colts – only to change his mind after New England increased his salary to a reported $4 million. McDaniels’ agent, Bob LaMonte, stopped representing him in the fallout from passing on the Colts job. (McDaniels has since signed with Athletes First, the same agency that represents Mike McCarthy.)

"Nobody will really care what he did to the Colts if they think they need him," a league executive told Yahoo Sports during training camp. "Especially if there aren’t a lot of good guys to choose from."

McDaniels has baggage, but it’s not as if he’s the only one the Packers are interviewing with a few regrets in their past. Green Bay continues to leave no stone unturned in their search to find their next head coach, and they seem willing to overlook blemishes on a coach’s resume. That strategy may be a result of the weakest group of head coaching candidates in decades, thanks to superfluous money that’s made owners less patient to fire and hire a new coach.

The 42-year-old offensive coordinator believes his decision to remain with New England last offseason doesn’t burn his chances for future head coaching opportunities. It’s evident the Packers believe this, too, given they’re interviewing him on Friday.