The Five: Eddie Lacy, Week 1 At Jacksonville

Score: 84

The Packers got a version of Eddie Lacy on Sunday that they rarely saw in 2015: the hard charging, pass catching, first down making hammer of a back that terrorized defenses during Lacy’s first two seasons. He was certainly very good on Sunday, but not great, and did leave some yards on the table.

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What Went Right

Lacy contributed to both the run and pass game. He showed power on his short carries and decent burst on his only long run of the day. In the passing game, his one reception was a thing of beauty. The Packers didn’t run many screen passes to Lacy in 2015, and his first try in 2016 didn’t look like it was going to be much better. Hit behind the line, Lacy shrugged off a tackler and exploded down the sideline for a 17 yard gain.

What Went Wrong

Many of Lacy’s carries ended far shorter than they probably should have. Some of that is due to blocking, but Lacy still could have punched out a few more yards on several opportunities. To that point, just two of Lacy’s 14 carries went for first downs, despite having an average of just 7.79 yards to go for a first down on each of his runs. It would have been nice to see Lacy push some of his shorter runs into that seven to ten yard range.

Trending: Up

Though Lacy could have been better, he was significantly improved over what we saw last season. His outlook is definitely trending up.