The Worst Case at Wide Receiver

What if Jordy Nelson can't get back to full strength?

What if Jordy Nelson can't get back to full strength?

What if the Packers' wide receiver situation is much more precarious than we want to believe?

What if Jordy Nelson’s knee injury turns out to a bigger deal. What if he can’t get back to full strength?

What if, as a result, Randall Cobb can’t carry the load? We saw that last year.

What if Davante Adams just has completely shattered his confidence? He’s just broken. He’s got the yips. Permanently. Forever.

What if Ty Montgomery can’t work back from his ankle injury? He starts the season on the PUP list. He’s out the first six weeks of the season and never gets back to full strength. It’s another year before we get the full Ty Montgomery.

What if Jeff Janis doesn’t develop into a big play threat? What if he doesn’t develop into a wide receiver at all?

What if all Trevor Davis can do is run fast? He’s got straight line speed. We know that. What if he doesn’t ever become a polished wide receiver?

And of course, Jared Abbrederis has had more than his fair share of relatively serious injuries. What if he’s just one play away from a career ending concussion?

What if it doesn’t all get better?

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