Torrance Marshall's No Good, Very Bad Packers Career

Gary’s post made me think of another member of the Packers who changed numbers when he changed positions. Let me take you back to the early 2000’s and a guy by the name of Torrance Marshall.

Actually, let’s not do that. Torrance Marshall was bad. He switched from number 51 to 41 when the Packers tried to move him from linebacker to fullback because the only thing he was good at was running into things and the coaching staff thought he’d be better at running into things on offense than he was on defense. He wasn’t. Then he went to the Arena Football League and played linebacker and fullback.

Anyway, here’s some other Packers you should remember for no reason: Terry Mickens, Nick Luchey, Donnell Washington, Darrien Gordon, Eric Metcalf, Marc Boerigter, Vonta Leach, Korey Hall, Herbert Goodman, Pat Lee, Will Whitticker, Steve Josue, Brett Swain, Tyrone Culver, Marquand Manuel.