Trading Up and Trading Back in the Draft

Trades aren’t just limited to bringing in players from other teams. We've got to talk about to draft-related trade possibilities.

Might the Packers consider trading up in the 2018 NFL Draft?

First, trading up. Trading up been mentioned as an increasing possibility since the Packers made their Damarious Randall deal because that gave them some more draft capital at the top of the fourth and fifth rounds that they could use to move further up in the first round.

I'm skeptical of that idea because you really have to be convinced that you're going to get a game-changer if you're willing to trade up into the top ten of the draft because of how much it takes to move up that high. While the Packers do have twelve draft picks,  it could cost them three, maybe even four picks considering where the picks are.

In addition, it’s almost always better to get more players in the draft instead of fewer. The draft is the cheapest way for teams to acquire players, and having a lot of draft picks gives the Packers a unique opportunity to pile up a bunch of cheap players to plug some of their many holes.

Between that and the amount that it could cost to move up, I am very skeptical of the idea of a trade up.

The secret's out about trading down in the draft

As to trading back, we've got to stop bringing this up as a possibility and pretending like it's any kind of smart analysis. I've been this guy before, but every year this comes up. Some guy thinking, he's come up with a unique concept, says “you know, the Packers really should trade back in the draft. They can pick up more pics and they'll probably get more guys that they like.” As though he's the first person in the world to realize that you get more picks when you trade back in the draft.

Well yeah, ya ding dong. Everyone who’s ever watched the draft knows that, and you who else knows it? All 31 of the other general managers in the NFL the Packers would be trying to trade with.

It takes two to tango. The Packers can't just trade back and get both of the guys they hypothetically want just because it suits them. They’ve got to find a dance partner and even if they do, they still have to hope the players they want are there when it’s their turn to pick again.

It's not brilliant analysis to say the Packers should trade back. Maybe they will, but it's not a novel concept. It's always an option.

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