Will Ty Montgomery Continue to Wear 88?

Now that Ty Montgomery is officially, 100% a running back, it’s possible the Packers may make their budding star change his number for some Draconian reason. I sure hope they don’t. Sure, he’s a running back, but watching him slice through defenses wearing a number more commonly associated with lumbering tight ends is awesome.

There is precedent for the NFL allowing Montgomery to keep 88. When the Bears drafted Devin Hester, he was originally slotted as a defensive back and chose number 23. When he was switched to offense, the league allowed Hester to keep his number, although the fact that he was already a star returner may have factored into the decision.

That players at certain positions have to wear certain numbers already feels like an outdated policy to begin with, but regardless, I hope that Montgomery gets to keep being his wacky, wonderful self while wearing his wide receiver number.

Bonus: Only four other Packers players have recorded a rushing attempt while wearing number 88, and none are listed as a running back on Pro Football Reference. The list includes Ron KramerCharles WilsonAubrey Matthews, and Bill Anderson.