Watch Preseason Games However You Want

Preseason games ultimately don’t matter.

They’re played by a bunch of guys who won’t be on an NFL roster in a matter of weeks, the statistics don’t count, and the final score is irrelevant as to the actual value of the previous 60 minutes of game time.

But on the other hand, it’s been about six months since anyone has seen any football. Anything we see is going to be exciting and feel more meaningful than it probably should.

And that’s fine! some people.

While it’s possible to understand that preseason games are meaningless but still have some fun (though perhaps tongue in cheek) reactions to the happenings on the field, a certain subset of people seem to be intent on crushing any amount of enjoyment that could be extracted from a preseason contest.

Writers leading anti-fun parade

A particular group of media personalities seems hell bent on turning the preseason into a joyless slog,, and nobody sums up the effort better than Nick Canepa of the San Diego Union Tribune.

Apropos of nothing, he offered up this missive during last night’s games:

Of all the things going on in the world today, from the threat of nuclear war to out of control opioid use in the United States to an all-time high level of human slavery worldwide, Canepa singles out those who overreact to exhibition NFL games as the real people dragging down humanity.

This from a writer who just 19 days ago complained that NFL training camps aren’t fun any more.

What do you want, Nick? Fun or no fun?

Canepa is far from alone. My Twitter feed last night was chock full of beat writers, TV hosts, and radio personalities tut-tutting what they saw as clear overreactions to what was happening on the field around the NFL.

Embrace the preseason anyway

Forget people like that. If you’re a Packers fan who thinks Brett Hundley’s preseason performance merits a first round pick in trade compensation next spring, you’re entitled to both have that opinion and share it loudly. If you’re a Bears and you think Mitchell Trubisky’s great debut foretells a gold jacket and a Canton bust, by all means shout it from the rooftops.

And if you think Trevor Davis’s blistering punt return touchdown was the coolest thing you’ve seen since Aaron Rodgers found Jared Cook on the sideline in Dallas, well you’re just absolutely correct.

Who cares if anybody’s overreactions are true or not? We’re watching a game, and games are fun. Have some fun with the preseason, and don’t let anybody tell you not to.