Week 10 Recap: Winning Ugly is Still Winning

For one quarter, Brett Hundley was everything people have wanted to be. Leading decisive drives in the fourth quarter, Hundley delivered two key strikes to Davante Adams: a 23-yard touchdown to take a 23-13 lead and a 42-yard conversion on a 3rd-and-10, ultimately sealing the game in favor of the Packers.

Or, it would have if not for Mason Crosby’s missed field goal with just over a minute to go. The miss added a little drama to what should have been an exciting moment for Hundley and the Packers, but it only delayed the inevitable. Chicago’s brief last gasp was short lived, though, and the Packers were able to keep the Bears and rookie quarterback out of the end zone to secure a win.

Ultimately, a win against the Bears changes little. Chicago is a hapless organization, Aaron Rodgers is still hurt, the defense still has issues. But darn if it doesn’t feel good.

4 and Out

1 - Ty Montgomery was on track for a big day before leaving with his rib injury, sprinting in for a 37-yard touchdown. It was his fifth career run of 25 yards or more against the Bears, ripping off gains of 26, 30, 36, and 61 last season.  

2 - It came under unfortunate circumstance, but this is the best we’ve seen Jamaal Williams, even including the preseason. He finished with 67 yards on 21 carries, including a fourth down conversion right at the end of the third quarter. He doesn’t have Ty Montgomery’s receiving ability or Aaron Jones’ burst, but today Williams was decisive and effective against a very tough defense.

3 - Not all sacks are created equal, but Nick Perry’s stat sheet stuffing should not be discounted. Even if two of his three takedowns were arguably coverage sacks, the Packers have not had that kind of pass rush productivity in some time. Even Mike Daniels got in on the act with his first sack since his impressive effort against the Seahawks in Week 1.

4 - Even in a win, the Packers’ offense was not much to write home about, but they did put an end to an ugly streak. Brett Hundley capped off a long Packers drive with his first touchdown pass as a starter. It was the first touchdown pass for the Packers in more than 13 quarters. Their previous score through the air came in the second quarter against the Minnesota Vikings.

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