Week 11 Recap: Packers, Hundley Waste Defensive Effort

Aaron Rodgers gives the Packers a huge margin for error, as does every good quarterback across the league. Good quarterback play covers so many ills, from a weak running game to poor play calling to a lackluster defense.

When Rodgers went down with a broken collarbone, the Packers’ margin for error dropped significantly, and with Brett Hundley’s ongoing struggles, that margin for error has dropped each week, dwindling to practically zero coming into this week’s game.

We wrote after Rodgers’ injury that the Packers couldn’t be afraid to move on from Hundley if he struggled, and even against an elite defense, Hundley struggled mightily this week. From the poor decision on his first interception to the all-too predictable game ending pick, the Packers were a listless, punchless, toothless bunch on offense, largely because they’re getting absolutely nothing from the quarterback position.

Hundley’s struggles have become more and more common. Down in and down out, open receivers go missed, pass rushers go unseen, and plays that should be made are left on the field. With the Packers at 5-5 and well behind Minnesota for the division lead, the Packers are a virtual lock to be playing completely inconsequential football by December. The Packers have seen what Hundley can do, and it’s very little. It may not matter any more, but if there’s ever been a time for a change, it’s now.

4 and Out

1 - After a strong showing by Jamaal Williams down the stretch against Chicago, it seemed like a heavy dose of power running was in the cards this week, especially against a somewhat suspect Baltimore run defense. But that was not to be, at least not early. Through the first half, the Packers called just 11 run plays, including a questionable Wildcat option run for Randall Cobb. With Williams generally running effectively when given the chance, this seemed like a missed opportunity.

2 - There must be something about the 19th of November. The last time the Packers were shut out in a game was November 19, 2006, a 35-0 loss at Lambeau Field to the New England Patriots.

3 - Kyler Fackrell’s effort on Sunday didn’t change the outcome of the game, but it was probably his most productive game as a member of the Packers. His 5 total tackles (4 solo, 1 assist) were a career high and he recorded his first sack since October 9, 2016. Kyler Fackrell having a positive stat line is not really the most exciting thing to be positive about, but such is the state of the Packers today.

4 - Brett Hundley’s day was bad, that much is clear, but looking at the historical context it looks a lot worse. Since 2006, Packers quarterbacks have only produced a three interception game five other times, including Hundley’s first extended effort against the Vikings earlier this year. This is also the first time since 2008 that a Packers quarterback has thrown three interceptions and fumbled in the same game.