Weird Games From Packers History

The Packers had their game this weekend cancelled because the turf was all messed up. That’s pretty weird. Let’s remember some other weird Packers games.

Remember that year the Packers went 4-12? One of those four wins was a random 52-3 annihilation of the New Orleans Saints. Nick Barnett returned an interception 95 yards for a touchdown. Aaron Rodgers completed his first career pass, a 0-yard connection with future All-Pro Vonta Leach. That’s a weird game, for sure.

Remember that time Joey Harrington threw 62 passes against the Packers in 2006? That was pretty weird.

Remember the first game of the 2007 season? Lambeau Field had to be evacuated before the game because of a fire alarm. Gary’s parents were there. Mason Crosby hit the game winning field goal after beating out Dave Rayner for the kicking job in training camp. I watched the last play from a Foot Locker in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, for some reason. Weird times for Packers fans.

Remember in 2008 when Brett Favre came back to Green Bay during the Family Night scrimmage? The cameras kept alternating between shots of him in a luxury box and Aaron Rodgers trying to look nonchalant on the sideline. Pretty weird.

Remember when Brett Favre came back to Lambeau Field in 2009 as a member of the Min[ERROR MEMORY REDACTED]?

Remember when the Packers needed Mike Daniels to return a fumble for a touchdown to kickstart a win over the Lions in 2012? Aaron Rodgers ran for a 27-yard touchdown that rainy night. DuJuan Harris was a thing that happened, too. That’s some weird stuff right there.

Yep, sure are some pretty weird things that have happened in Packers games.

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