Welcome to The Power Sweep

It took us an absurdly long time to come up with the name The Power Sweep.

Every website needs a name, and every good website needs a good name. We couldn't figure out a name that would stick.

This website started in 2012 as The Packer Perspective, which just wouldn't do for a re-vamped vision. The "the" never really made sense and the Packers themselves hate it when you drop the s.

So Gary (have you met Gary? Here's more about Gary) and I were back to the drawing board. We explored just about every possible name related to the Packers that you could imagine without using the words "green and gold," "cheesehead," "frozen tundra" or something about being an owner. No seriously, look:

Once we got to The Power Sweep, nothing could ever really top it, and if you think about it, it just fits perfectly.

Any description of Vince Lombardi's career will include a description of his iconic play. Everything about the Packers becoming what they are started with Lombardi's bread and butter play. If you want to build a website around a team like the Packers, why not go back to one of the staples?

It worked for Vince Lombardi, why not for us?

This is The Power Sweep. We hope you'll like it.

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