What Do the Packers Do on Day 2?

The Packers’ primary need heading into this year’s draft was cornerback, and they got one of the best in the draft with the 18th pick, picking up a first round pick in next year’s draft for their trouble.

But the draft doesn’t end after the first round. There’s a long way to go. What else will the Packers do?

Lots of capital left, but not a lot early

Even after their wheeling and dealing, the Packers still have eleven picks left in the draft. Unfortunately, after the Packers dealt their third rounder to Seattle, only one of their remaining selections comes during Day 2: the 45th overall pick.

But even if they’re not high picks, having so many remaining selections means the Packers could be in prime position to trade up again.

Their deal shipping Damarious Randall to Cleveland also allowed the Packers to move up in both the fourth and fifth rounds, which could give Green Bay a little extra ammunition if they try to jump into the third round again. The Packers currently have two fourth round picks and four fifths (including one they picked up from the Saints Thursday night). Another trade up will probably involve some combination of those picks.

What will the Packers do?

The Packers have a few identifiable remaining needs. They could certainly use some pass rush help and need a guard and tackle on the offensive line for sure, but could also look to add a receiver and a tight end. As we outlined on this week’s episode of Blue 58, this year’s crop of pass rushers seems to be fairly deep, and the Packers may try to get the pick of the remaining litter with the 45th pick.

As for wide receivers, though the class isn’t particularly deep, there are a lot of guys who fit the Packers’ physical profiles. There wasn’t much interest on receivers in the first round, so the group is more or less intact. The Packers could continue Ted Thompson’s legacy of strong wide receiver picks in that round if they so choose.

Whatever the case, if the first round was any indication, Day 2 of the draft is going to be a wild ride.