What's Wrong With Clay Matthews?

There was a play in the third quarter Monday where Carson Wentz rolled to his right and was chased out of the pocket by Clay Matthews. Wentz (4.77 40-yard dash) was able to outrun Matthews (4.67 40-yard dash) and scrambled for a first down on the play.

Matthews, now in his eighth season, saw his father (Clay) and uncle (Bruce) each play a staggering nineteen seasons in the NFL. While the Packers may not be undefeated this season, Father Time is.

I’m not ready to say the 30-year-old Matthews is over the hill or past his prime. He is having a down year, however. Ranked by Pro Football Focus as the 75th best edge defender, he’s been hobbled by a hamstring injury and tweaked his AC joint in his shoulder Monday night on a vicious hit.

As Wentz sped past Matthews, it hit me. Someday – hopefully years from now – the players I grew up watching will retire.