Three Awesome Things - Vol. 2

I liked it so much the first time around that we're going to do Three Awesome Things again, especially since the Internet ate my game review article last week. (In brief summary: the Packers won and got many sacks. That was a good thing.) Anyhow, there are several awesome Packer-related things floating around the internet these days. Here are three of them.

1. Clay Matthews counts sacks.

Because sometimes you get so many you forget how many you got.

2. Buy Aaron Rodgers' face.

I'm not sure why you'd want this, but for just $12.99 you can wear the face of Aaron Rodgers instead of your own face. I guess depending on how your face looks, $12.99 might be a deal, but I digress.

3. Greg Jennings and Old Spice team up for commercial awesomeness.

No explanation needed.