Who Dressed Best? Week 2 Uniformity

A new feature I'd like to unveil here at The Packer Perspective has to do with uniforms, specifically which pairs of teams combined for the best (and worst) looking games each week. I figure I'll pick three games that looked great and one game that looked...well...not so much. Without further ado... 1. Packers vs. Bears

The oldest rivalry in the league has consistently been one of the best looking (although not always). This week was no different. Both sides looked sharp Thursday night.

2. Pittsburgh vs. New York Jets

Again, two old school teams matching up for a great looking game. Not much to say here. Just a pair of well-dressed teams.

3. 49ers vs. Lions

The 49ers recently moved back to essentially wearing a throwback uniform full time, more or less reverting to the days of Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, which is just a great move, aside from the disappearing sleeve stripes. The Lions also updated their uniforms recently, and although I'm not a huge fan of their current look (not sure the black is necessary), I think the contrast between the red and gold of San Francisco and the blue and silver of Detroit makes for a good looking game.

Not So Much: Redskins vs. Rams

Just too much going on here. All the yellow from Washington coupled with the all blue look for St. Louis just puts too much on the field at once. I'm generally a fan of Washington's yellow pants, but when they wear yellow pants on the road, I think it overpowers the rest of the uniform. And you should just never wear all blue because...just don't.