Well, That Was Interesting - Week 3 Review

To say this was a tale of two halves is like saying that Wisconsin and Candy Land are two different places. Yes, they may both exist in their own ways, but they're two completely different places with virtually nothing in common. One has a set of rules that govern the way reality operates, while the other has Gingerbread Plum Trees and a Molasses Swamp. To wit: I'll admit that the Packers got outright whooped in the first half. Chris Clemons was singlehandedly beating the Packers' offensive line, and whenever he decided he needed a break, someone else on Seattle's defense stepped in and picked up right where he left off. Green Bay could not do anything whatsoever, and Seattle deserves all the credit in the world for the way they worked the Packers over in the first half.

But the second half was entirely different. The Packers actually had some kind of offensive identity, and it centered around...running the ball? Well that's different. They managed to get the ball down the field, but only got into the end zone once, despite three relatively effective drives.

And then...it all hit the fan. I won't recap here, but you know what happened. Let's not act like it was anything other than what it was: just a bizarre, poorly officiated debacle. What's more, the reaction from the NFL will likely confirm something we've known for quite some time: the NFL simply does not care about its fans.

Oh sure, we've heard all about "protecting the shield" and the integrity of the game, but the NFL knows that regardless of the quality of the product on the field, we'll tune in and watch, because we just really love football. And because we keep watching, they know that they ultimately have the upper hand in any and all negotiations.

I don't want to say anything more about the debacle of an ending, so let's just get to the rest of the stuff.

Three Good

Defense -You know what?

Rush Offense - No, I can't do this.

True GritNope, not gonna happen.

Screw real analysis. Here's a bunch of tweets that either summed up how I felt after the game or were generally funny.












Up Next - Green Bay plays host to 0-3 New Orleans before heading on the road for three straight weeks.

Jon Meerdink