Who Dressed Best? Week 3 Uniformity

It's time for another tour around the league for a look at the best dressed gentlemen from around the league. This week features a couple more modern uniforms sandwiching a classic matchup, so let's take a look! 1. Falcons vs. Chargers

A game featuring two more modern-style uniforms, and I must say, I really like San Diego's white-over-white look. They've used it twice at home this season, and I happen to think it looks quite sharp. When you contrast it to the red and black of Atlanta, you've got one good looking football game in SoCal.

2. Browns vs. Bills

The old royal blue Buffalo uniforms always look great, even with the ridiculous Nike collars that make it look like everyone is wearing a neckroll. But secretly, I also rather like Cleveland's uniforms. Sure, brown and orange is a little bit weird together, but they're old school and basically the same look the Browns have always had. Sometimes, a look just sticks around long enough that it becomes a classic by default.

3. Texans vs. Broncos

Another more modern-ish game, this one is intriguing to me for a couple reasons. First, although Houston is still pretty new to the league, they haven't messed with their visual identity a whole lot. They do occasionally do the all-red thing, but generally they've been consistent, and I like their look. Contrast that to Denver, whose uniforms are essentially the same as they were during John Elway's last two seasons, only with a reversed color scheme. They're billing it as the return of the Orange Crush or whatever, and I'm not sure if I like it yet, but it's definitely interesting.

Not So Much - Cardinals vs. Eagles

Quick pop quiz: what color is a cardinal? Yeah, they're red. I'll let you figure out why this game wasn't my favorite.

Jon Meerdink