Who Dressed Best? Week Four Uniformity

Believe it or not, with the conclusion of last night's Bears and Cowboys matchup, we're already a quarter of the way through the season. That's pretty crazy stuff. And although this weekend was a bit of a milestone as far as this season goes, it wasn't very uni-notable. But that doesn't mean there weren't some nice looking games! For example... 1. 49ers vs. Jets

You might have figured out by now that I'm a big fan of the 49ers look. I think I may actually like their road uniforms better for some reason. But pair them with the green of the Jets and that's just a good looking game. If only we could convince them to play on grass instead of turf! Some grass stains would make this even more old school.

2. Panthers vs. Falcons

Only half of this game really looked good, but the Falcons look so good in their gorgeous throwbacks it's impossible to leave this game off this week's list. Please tell me why this isn't Atlanta's full time look.3. Broncos vs. Raiders

Orange is just a fun uniform color, and if you pair it with the classic look of the Raiders, it's a great meeting between old and new school.

Not So Much: The Patriots

There weren't any especially bad pairings this week, but I feel like I need to point something out: for a multi-championship winning team, the Patriots look like crap. This is not what a legendary franchise should look like, and it's weird to me that they look so bad, because their owner Robert Kraft is always nattily attired on the sidelines and in his private box. Bob, why doesn't your team look as nice as you? Between the sock striping, the piping on the pants, and that ridiculous side panel, this outfit is a disaster, whether it's this road set or their home uniform. I wish there was a way they could go to something resembling their good ol' Pat Patriot uniforms full time.