The Failbag

I've always wanted to to a snarky mailbag post, but since nobody asks me questions (presumably because I answer them all in my normal posts...yeah, let's go with that) I'm going to have to make them up myself.

Or am I? The fun thing about using Wordpress is that you can see what search terms people used to find your site. Usually these searches are just for things like "Aaron Rodgers" or "Clay Matthews," but sometimes people end up here because they asked unusual questions or made random statements. Those are the questions I'm going to answer. All of these have been edited slightly in the interest of making them make a bit more sense, but they are basically being presented as I receive them. Here we go.

What does the M.D. stand for in M.D. Jennings?

That would be Melvin Delaine, although regardless of what it stands for, I think it would be cool if he became a doctor when he was done with football. That way he could sign his name "M.D. Jennings, M.D." That would be neat.

Best Packer Linebackers: Hawk or Matthews?

Well, Clay Matthews is...yeah, it's just Clay Matthews. This is not close.

Ryan Grant, Journalist?

Actually, no, he's a running back. He plays for the Washington Redskins now.

How is B.J. Coleman doing as a rookie with the Green Bay Packers?

Pretty well, in my estimation. As a late round pick, the Packers didn't have a lot invested in him, but it looks like something could pay off eventually. He's got a big arm, if nothing else.

What the Packers uniforms should look like?

That's an easy one. They should look like this:

That's what they should look like, and that's what they look like right now. No need to change what's near perfection!

Antonio Freeman salary?

Also an easy one. The Packers are currently paying Antonio Freeman nothing...since he's not on the roster.

Antonio Freeman died?

No! That's not why he's not on the roster! I assure you, he's alive and well. He's actually coming to Janesville (where I live) next week.

Brandon Chillar, 2012?

As far as I know, Brandon Chillar played his last NFL snap in 2010. According to his Wikipedia page, though, he became one of the principal investors in the Elite Football League of India in August of 2011, so that's a fun side project.

And speaking of fun side projects, working this picture of Brandon Chillar into as many posts as possible is mine, so here you go:

How good will Alex Green be?

I think Alex Green will some day be a capable NFL player. Maybe not a starter, but I think he has the skills to contribute somewhere in the league. Perhaps not in Green Bay, although I think that would be pretty swell, but he has the skills to make it.

Why did the Packers change from five stripes to three?

I don't know the precise reason, but I'm pretty sure the reason the Packers changed from five stripes to three in the mid 90's was because of the way football uniforms were changing. Sleeve stripes have been slowing disappearing on NFL uniforms for some time now, and in the interest of preserving some real estate on the uniform, the Packers moved from five stripes to three. I'm glad they did. Even though it's a departure from history, you only need to look at how cramped the stripes are on Pittsburgh's sleeves to know it was a good idea.

Why the Packers are to release Donald Driver?

To the best of my knowledge, the Packers are to not release Donald Driver, at least not in the immediate future. He hasn't contributed all that much so far this year, but he's still a capable player.

Clay Matthews overrated?

No. Just ask Jamarcus Webb.

Antonio Freeman, he did what?



Favre goatee?

Fine, if you insist.

Did the NFL switch pants?

They did switch pants, and the whole rest of the uniform too, actually. Nike, for better or for worse, is now the official uniform supplier of the NFL. I do think the switch has been noticeable on the pants, particularly on teams that used glossier uniform pants (like Detroit and Houston, for example).

Should the Packers change from yellow to gold?

I mentioned once that there has been talk about this very idea, and I don't think it's a good idea. Sure, the Packers don't use a true gold, but the yellow has been around for so long that to change it would be an absolutely enormous departure. That said, I'm always intrigued when someone proposes a change to the Packers' uniforms, so if anyone has any interesting concepts to show me, let me know. I think the Packers have one of the more difficult uniforms in the league to potentially remake, and I'd be interested in seeing what someone else might think would look good. I tried it once...what you got, Internet?

Packer Perspective, Jon Meerdink?

Yup, you've found it. Welcome!

And that's a wrap. This was fun, if only just for me. Hope you enjoyed it as well!