Welcome Wordpressers! (And So Long Cedric)


If you're friends with me on Facebook or if you follow me on Twitter, you'll know by now that The Packer Perspective is being featured on the Wordpress "Freshly Pressed" page today. Apparently this means we're doing something right, so hooray for that!

As for all the folks arriving from across the internet, welcome! Hopefully you like what you see.

The Packers, unfortunately, didn't like what they saw on a report about running back Cedric Benson's foot injury. Apparently Benson has the dreaded "Lisfranc" injury, and it will keep him out at least eight weeks, longer if he has to have surgery. Adam Schefter rained this delightful news on my Twitter parade yesterday:


Obviously, this is a big deal. Benson appeared to be getting stronger with each week, and without his services, the Packers suddenly are thin again at running back. Paging Alex Green...but what is he, exactly?

Can Alex Green be the guy? Will James Starks finally step up and stay healthy? Will Brandon Saine get a shot? I guess now we'll find out...by necessity.