Who Dressed Best? Week Five Uniformity

There were plenty of good looking games this weekend, but there's one giant pink problem floating around the league. Not only is the NFL committing an entire month of the schedule to wearing pink accessories, but they've once again selected the most obnoxious shade of the color imaginable. It just seems so gimmicky and weird...seriously, what about this looks good? But like I said, there were some good looking games this weekend, and we even got our first look at the Jaguars new uniform top. That said, every uniform should be considered as having an asterisk signifying "except for the pink." As in, "the Packers and Colts looked good, except for the pink." Speaking of...

1. Packers vs. Colts

The results certainly weren't pretty for the Packers, but the product on the field looked nice. The unfortunate thing is that the pink really stood out on these two relatively simply clad teams. What made it even weirder is that Reggie Wayne ended up sporting pink AND orange, giving a simultaneous shout out to breast cancer and to Indianapolis head coach Chuck Pagano, who is currently suffering from leukemia.

2. Chiefs vs. Ravens

Black might be a bit overused as a uniform color, but I think it's justified for the Ravens, since ravens are, you know, black. Put that next to the red of the Chiefs and I think you've got a pretty good looking game on your hands.

3. 49ers vs. Bills

I know I give San Francisco a lot of love, but darn it, they just have good looking uniforms. And Buffalo isn't too shabby either. Together, under the Bay Area fall sun? Yup, I'll take some of that.

Honorable Mention: Jacksonville Jaguars

I don't know how I feel about their overall set, and I don't even think these are particularly good looking, but I think the fact that the Jaguars are switching from teal to black as their primary uniform color in mid-season is notable. I always wondered why they didn't have a black set from the time they re-did their uniforms, so this doesn't come as a huge surprise. Also, according to the nearly-always correct UniWatch, the Jags will be getting entirely new uniforms next season that are supposedly going to look like "Oregon on steroids." But for now, we've got black uniforms in Jacksonville. What do you think? Do you like them?

Not So Much: Vikings vs. Titans

Purple, light blue, yellow, and pink? No thanks.