Who Dressed Best? Week Eight Uniformity

A fun new alternate from Pittsburgh highlights this week's uniform review, as well as a solid classic uniform from Chicago, but first we head to Arrowhead Stadium for an old school-ish contest between Oakland and Kansas City. 1. Chiefs vs. Raiders

Nothing too special here, but these teams always look good in my book. The bright colors of the Chiefs contrast so nicely with the classic silver and black of the Raiders. It's very similar to the Baltimore/Kansas City game I highlighted a couple weeks back.

2. Steelers vs. Redskins

Some of the reaction to Pittsburg's bumblebee getups surprises me. I read one columnist from Pro Football Talk who called them the worst uniforms of all-time, clearly forgetting the monstrosities Philadelphia donned a few years back or the weird outfits Denver wore more recently. I don't even know if this is the strangest outfit that the Steelers have ever worn. Whatever the case, they're hardly the worst uniforms of all-time.

For the record, I am completely on board with these uniforms. I love the stripes. I love the tan pants. I love the goofy numbers, although the two digit numbers look a little bit crowded to me.

3. Bears vs. Panthers

This may sound a little bit weird coming from a Packer fan, but I'm willing to go on record saying I really enjoy the Bears uniforms, throwback or otherwise. Although not as nice as their usual outfits, I like this look. It's a nice change of pace without beingĀ  a major departure.

Not So Much: Buccaneers vs. Vikings

Love the pewter color from Tampa, but pewter + purple + pink = not so good.

Jon Meerdink