Three Awesome Things - Vol. 4

[Due to circumstances beyond my control, I don't have as much time to write this week as I thought I would. I'll be traveling Wednesday through Friday, so I won't be doing full versions of my usual articles for this week. I'm sorry about this and I wish it could be avoided, but it is what it is. Thanks for understanding. - Jon] Do you want three more awesome things? Of course you do.

1. Aaron Rodgers, age 5

Once upon a time, Aaron Rodgers wasn't a football player. He was a football player. Get it? Because soccer is also called football and football is called football. It's a pun. It's punny.

2. Jennings, Justified

Most of the time when you see a picture of M.D. Jennings, it's of him "intercepting" a pass in Seattle. Now that he has his first "for real" interception, it's nice that somebody made a nice picture for him to remember the moment, although I suspect he'll remember it anyway.

3. Small Slice of Cheese

According to Packer photographer extraordinaire Evan Seigle, this is Vera Keller from Ohio. According to me, this is the cutest Packer fan ever. Those statements are both true.

Jon Meerdink