Who Dressed Best? Week 11 Uniformity

Return of the throwback! Other than a wonderful return from a certain very striped set of uniforms in Pittsburgh, it was a pretty uneventful week as far as good-looking games. But that doesn't mean there wasn't anything worth talking about, starting over at Heinz Field. 1. Steelers vs. Ravens

What, exactly, is everyone's problem with these uniforms? Watching Twitter during the game, you'd think the Steelers were wearing uniforms made exclusively of baby panda fur. One of my Facebook friends described the experience as being akin to watching zebras covered in diarrhea run around on a field. I don't get it. What's so bad? I think they're a great throwback. People need to embrace unique uniforms.

2. Cowboys vs. Browns

Speaking of unique uniforms, the Browns are about as unique as you can get. Their design isn't groundbreaking by any means, but brown is definitely not a common color in sports. I think the Browns utilize it well. Your thoughts?

3. Lions vs. Packers

Nothing especially unique or interesting here, I just like the contrast between the blue of the Lions and the yellow of the Packers. Something about the lighting in domes always makes the Packers' yellow seem really yellow, especially when paired with the white uniform.

Not So Much: Navy on Navy

King uniform watcher Paul Lukas puts it best: there "must've been a sale on navy fabric dye recently." No kidding! Seriously, what's the deal with the color over color? Three teams did it this weekend, and if the Seahawks had played it would likely have been four. Just not a good look, in my opinion.