Who Dressed Best? Week 16 Uniformity

Merry Christmas to all, and to all some football uniforms. We're a day late this week thanks to everyone's favorite winter holiday, but that's okay. Pictures of uniforms are good every day of the week. Sunday seems like a long time ago already! 1. Packers vs. Titans

Neither side is particularly noteworthy here (other than the Packers always looking awesome, but that's a given). Admittedly, I'm not a huge fan of the Titans' garb, but I like how the powder blue (or Titans blue, as they call it) contrasts with the green of the Packers. Plus, Ryan Grant always looks good in a football uniform.

packers titans

2. Colts vs. Chiefs

Is there ever a bad looking game at Arrowhead Stadium, particularly in December? There's just something about the way the sunlight looks late in the year that makes games look awesome. Maybe it's just me, but I think the Chiefs are just especially photogenic, especially when paired with a good looking squad like the Colts.

Jamaal Charles, Antoine Bethea

3. Saints vs. Cowboys

I like the Dallas tradition of wearing white at home, mostly because then we get to see the road team wear their typical home uniform outside its usual environment. That always catches my eye for some reason, and this week was no exception. Plus, the Saints always look good in black over gold. Just retire the black on black look already!

saints cowboys

Not So Much: Jaguars vs. Patriots

Let's see here...we have the Blandy Blandersons and the New England Messes. How could this game be worse looking? Oh, how about if the Jags break out their "we play like a DIII college team so we might as well look like one" black over black getups. No thank you.

Stevan Ridley, Dawan Landry, Mike Harris