Three Awesome Things - Vol. 5

I have fun writing every post here at The Packer Perspective, but these are especially fun. It's enjoyable to take a little bit more of a fun look at the Packers, even if these are silly, frivolous pictures and things. At any rate, I have three more awesome things to show you, starting with...

1. Randall Cobb has your grass right here.

Remember that snowy, rainy, nasty game the Packers played against Detroit? I bet Randall Cobb sure does, if only because he set the unofficial NFL record for most grass stuck in a helmet on a single play. I love the look on his face. "Yeah, I have grass on my head. What of it?"


2. Cabeza de Queso

Although the Packers lost in embarrassing fashion to the Giants, this guy's costume game was on point. We salute you, Mr. Mariachi Cheeseman.


3. Remembering Reggie

Yesterday was the eighth anniversary of Reggie White's far-too-soon death. Sadly, I was too young to really remember him as a player, although I was quite impressed with him as a youngster. One of my greatest regrets as a fan is that I never had a chance to see him in his prime, although what I did see of him was quite amazing. At any rate, here's a photo of Reggie as a very young Tennessee Volunteer, courtesy of the Sports Illustrated Photo Vault (a must-follow for all sports fans on Twitter).


Jon Meerdink