Eddie Lacy Can't Draw

Remember how we talked about DuJuan Harris and his hidden drawing skills recently? Yeah, Eddie Lacy doesn't have any of those skills. You see, Panini makes awesome football cards, and one of their greatest ideas ever is to have athletes draw pictures on cards rather than autographing them. That way we can see which athletes are great artists and which of them can't draw to save their lives, which appears to be almost all of them.

Let's consider this masterpiece, which Lacy has helpfully titled "Cheese Head."


Well, he got the yellow triangle part of the cheesehead right. Bonus points for that.

How about his next entry, "Go Pack Go"?


I like how Lacy really explores his available colors here. While he could have just gone with yellow lettering and only a green outline on the "G", he really mixed it up and alternated green and yellow on his letters. And that dual color "G"? Masterful.

In all honesty, I would gladly pay real money for these cards. No, seriously.