Weird Night in Green Bay

Losing Bulaga could be a big blow. Twitter makes following breaking news a breeze, but sometimes stories break so closely together that you almost start to lose track of what's going on.

For example, last night at 8:35, Bob McGinn of the Journal Sentinel dropped this little gem:

That's an unpleasant shock while scrolling through your Twitter feed. McGinn followed it up with more details in a blog post:

Sources said Bulaga was hurt at some point during the intra-squad scrimmage Saturday night at Lambeau Field.

He was walking afterward and was seen in the middle of the team’s huddle after the scrimmage.

However, Bulaga reported a problem with one of his knees while in the locker room and received treatment. The players were off Sunday, when the medical staff continued to run tests in an attempt to determine the extent of the damage.

Sources said the Packers had concern that the injury was a torn ligament and would turn out to be season-ending.

Like the Packers, you'd like to hope for the best, but this doesn't sound good. Not good at all.

Assuming the worst, the most logical course of action would be bumping Marshall Newhouse back to left tackle, since he has the most experience out of anyone on the roster at that spot. David Bakhtiari has been impressive, but impressing at right tackle is far different than impressing at left tackle. That said, Newhouse has been far from impressive in his nearly two seasons of manning the left tackle position.

A free agent signing might also be possible, but the well of starting caliber offensive tackles is probably fairly dry at this point.

If that wasn't enough, the Green Bay Press Gazette's Wes Hodkiewicz came along with this little nugget a couple hours later:

No, there's not another Vince Young that you haven't heard about. This is definitely the Vince Young that went third overall in the 2006 NFL Draft, made two Pro Bowls with Tennessee, then fell off the face of the earth. And it's the same Vince Young that was rumored to be catching the Packers' eye all the way back during last year's training camp.

Clearly the Packers aren't super excited by Graham Harrell or B.J. Coleman, but Vince Young doesn't fit the mold of the steady, consistent veteran you'd think the Packers would be looking for as a backup. Young has never been an accurate passer, and you'd think any of the dynamic athleticism he showed as a rookie would have begun to dry up by now, at age 30.

But with that said, there's another angle possibly at play here:

Diminished athleticism or not, Young is still easily more nimble than Harrell or Coleman. Some writers have expressed concern about the Packers' ability to practice against read option looks with their current back ups, and Young certainly has experience in the read option, as evidenced by his 400 all-purpose-yards stomping of USC in the Rose Bowl. Not that that was almost a decade ago or anything.

Then again, this is only a workout, and there's no guarantee he'll be signed. But even if he's not, he once was capable of doing cool things like this, for whatever it's worth:

And to top it all off, Rob Demovsky had this late update:

Given how the rest of Sunday night went, I can only assume that the wide receiver in question is Terrell Owens. (Note: I don't actually think it's Owens. But that's the only guy who could make this any weirder.)