Who Dressed Best? Week 3 Uniformity

Another week in the NFL, another good looking slate of games. Let's get down to it. Packers vs. Bengals

As far as Packers games go, this will not be among the most aesthetically pleasing. Any game involving orange, yellow, and green is bound to be a disaster, and the Bengals stripes and side panels didn't help things one bit. I rate this three out of ten cheeseheads.

packers bengals


The Best of the Rest

1. 49ers vs. Colts

This game warmed my heart. First, the 49ers lost, which is always fun, but also the game just looked fantastic. I'm no Colts fan, but I've always viewed their white over white uniform as their signature look, at least in the modern era. Coupled with the always-solid 49ers' reds, and you've got yourself a game.

49ers colts

2. Jets vs. Bills

I'm not so sure about the Bills' blue pants. I want to like them, but I'm not sure. (Maybe our friends at BuffSports can help me make up my mind?) The white pants are better, but these aren't the worst thing in the world, either. I'd prefer the whites, but it's such a unique shade of blue as far as the NFL goes that I almost feel obligated to like it, no matter what. Plus, it's a visually interesting contrast with the green over white from the Jets.

bills jets


3. Redskins vs. Lions

This is a good example of a classic uniform and a modern uniform teaming up for visual excellence. The contrast between the two styles is pleasing to me.

redskins lions


Not So Much - Seahawks vs. Jaguars

This makes my head hurt. Just when the Seahawks' uniforms were starting to grow on me, they collide with the Jaguars for this train wreck of ugliness. No thank you.

jaguars seahawks