A Helmet of a Different Color

You probably heard last week about an unfortunate development in the NFL uniform landscape: teams will no longer be allowed to wear alternate helmets with throwback uniforms. You can read about the details in the link provided, but the functional outcome of the policy is that it kills some of the very best throwback uniforms in the league, like the Cowboys white shoulder alternates, the Redskins uniforms from last year, and the Pat Patriot throwbacks in New England. Teams that wear their throwbacks with their normal helmet (or a normal helmet with different decals/no decals) like Chicago and Buffalo can still wear theirs.

Initially, I thought it meant curtains for the Packers' throwbacks as well, but that's apparently not the case. So what will that look like? I'm glad you asked, because UniWatch's weekend editor Phil Hecken kindly whipped up a Photoshopped picture answering that very question:


That hypothetical look is okay, I suppose. The yellow helmet looks strange without the decals, and I wish they'd just been able to do something like the Redskins did last year and use a brown helmet with a matte finish, but I can live with it.

TheĀ bigger problem (and the point of this whole post, I suppose), is this: the Packers throwback game falls during October, and October, as you know, is when the (extremely commercially driven) pink scourge takes over the NFL.

Why is this a problem? Well the pink is bad enough in itself, but think about how it'll look when the Packers wear tan pants, blue jerseys, and a yellow helmet with pink accessories. Yep, that's why it's a problem. If that's the kind of look the Packers will be fielding October 20, I'd almost rather the didn't wear the throwbacks at all.