Fantasy Outlook - Week 6

Jordan predicts James Starks will find the end zone for the first time this season.
Jordan predicts James Starks will find the end zone for the first time this season.

It's only Week 6, and already the NFL has lost its remaining, undefeated teams - cue '72 Dolphins reference. However, I guarantee that some fantasy leagues still have some 5-0 leaders in the group. Is that you? I hope so, because then we can be in a club together!

That's right, I survived another week unscathed and am enjoying the top of Fantasy Mountain - for now. I have a feeling my first loss is coming soon - just hopefully not this week at the hands of my father in-law!

So what players have the best chance of getting you another tally in the win column this week? Let's take a look at some predictions.

First off, the Packers play at Miami this week. The Dolphins are ranked 9th in the league against the pass this year allowing 215 yards per game as well as 1.4 touchdowns. They also have 11 sacks on the season so far. On the flip side of that, the Dolphins defense is ranked 13th against the run - giving up an average of 107 yards per game.

That being said, I see Aaron Rodgers having another solid game to the tune of 18-20 fantasy points. That would come out to around 250 yards and two TDs. For the sake of predicting things, I'm guessing that one of those will go to Jordy Nelson (of course), and the other will go to a running back - let's say James Starks. Why not? Let's get crazy!

As for Eddie Lacy, he should have a modest game as long as he can get in the end zone. If not, he could put up 50-75 yards on the ground this week with some receiving yards sprinkled in. Look for Mason Crosby to be middle-of-the-road this week as well.

The more touchdowns the Packers score, the less fantasy points Crosby scores. Just fine for Packers fans, but not as pleasant for fantasy owners (like me!). I'm predicting the Pack will put up 27 points this week - three TDs and two field goals. Should give Crosby 10 points on the day.

As for the rest of the league, keep an eye on San Diego running back Brandon Oliver as he aims to build on his breakout performance from last week. He'll be going up against the Oakland Raiders, who are ranked just ahead of the Packers at 31st against the run (158 yards/game). Offenses have also had their way against the Jets so far this season.

It's not going to get any easier for them this week as Peyton Manning comes to town. Look for Manning to toss another four touchdowns in this game as he continues to track down Brett Favre for the career touchdown record. Receivers Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas will be on the receiving end of three of those scores - Julius Thomas the fourth.  All huge plays this week (as usual)!

After being gouged for 241 yards against the Vikings in Week 4, the Atlanta Falcons defense faces Matt Forte and the Bears this week. Look for Forte to have a game similar to that against the Packers (120+ yards). Other running backs I'm fond of this week are Lamar Miller (vs GB), Andre Williams (@PHI) and Andre Ellington (vs WAS).

On the negative side of the prediction train (all aboard!), DeMarco Murray is looking at his first game of 2014 that he does NOT reach the 100-yard mark. The Cowboys travel to Seattle to face a Seahawk defense that is only allowing 62 yards on the ground per game - good enough for 1st in the league. Still a must-start for fantasy owners though, as he is getting an average of 24 carries per game - a handful of those have to be in the red zone!

As of now it looks like Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater is going to start this week against the Lions. While he was impressive in his first game two weeks ago, don't lean on him this week against the solid Lion's D who is allowing a league low 282 total yards per game.

Best of luck in Week 6!