The Packers Had To Have Gotten His Name Wrong, Right?

Pictured: either Joe or Jon Kruger.
Pictured: either Joe or Jon Kruger.

On Tuesday, the Packers announced they'd signed free agent defensive end Joe Kruger.

He is the son of Paul Kruger and the younger brother of Cleveland Browns linebacker Paul Kruger and free agent defensive end Dave Kruger.

His full name is Jonathan Wells Kruger.

Joe Kruger is Jon Kruger.

I am confused.

Typically, when you go for a shorter name, you kind of stick with a shorter version of your actual name. For instance, my full name is Jonathan, and I go by Jon. My brother's full name is Joseph, and he goes by Joe. It's pretty straightforward.

Not for Jonathan Wells Kruger though.

He's been Joe Kruger for a long time, dating back to his days as a high school basketball prospect. He used to be 6-8, too, apparently. We're getting shortchanged two inches of Joe/Jon Kruger.

So why Joe instead of Jon? He's not being named after his dad, who's named Paul. His brothers each go by their given names so that's no help either. I've come up with a few totally unfounded theories on Joe Kruger's name.

  • He wants to be thought of as just one of the guys, or an "Average Joe" of sorts.
  • He was tired of being confused with eight time sporting clays champion and trick shot expert Jon Kruger.
  • He thought software developers were lame.
  • He didn't want to be a menswear designer.
  • Jon Kruger the gun shooting guy also makes pottery.
  • This bulleted list is quickly going off the rails.

In summary, I have no idea why Joe Kruger does not go by Jon Kruger.

Jon Meerdink