Aaron Rodgers Is Having a Weird Start to His 2017 Season

Just three games into a season, there is bound to be some statistical weirdness going on, but Aaron Rodgers is having a particularly unusual season.

Currently, Rodgers is leading the league in completions, which he’s never done before. He also has the most passing attempts in the league, a category where he’s never led the league before.

Though it’s not entirely his fault, Rodgers is leading the league in both sacks and yards lost to sacks. He’s never led the league in the latter category and hasn’t been the most sacked quarterback in the league since 2012.

Rodgers is also throwing interceptions at a rate we’ve not seen in a long time. 2.2% of his passes so far this year have been intercepted. That’s the highest rate since 2010 and (if it holds) would be the third highest rate in any full season of his career.

Through three games, Rodgers has tossed three interceptions interceptions, including just the second pick-six of his entire career. Dating back to the playoffs last season, Rodgers has now thrown an interception in five consecutive games, just the fourth time in his career he’s thrown a pick in at least that many consecutive games.

His interception streak is especially notable because it follows the longest interception-free streak of Rodgers’ career, when he went eight full games without an interception last season.

What does all this mean? Very little, as statistical trends will undoubtedly regress towards the mean over time. Rodgers will likely finish the season with stats more typical of what we’ve seen from him in his career so far, but that doesn’t make the first three games any less unusual.


Jon Meerdink