Episode 49 - Breaking Down Color Rush With The Dapper Packer

Things are going from bad to worse on the offensive line. Is there any reason for hope? After that, an issue that’s been going on for years is making life difficult for the defense. And why is Aaron Rodgers off to a weird start this year? Plus all the uniform talk you could want...and more!

Here are the headlines we talked about this week:

The Packers Offensive Line Situation is Ridiculous

If I told you at the start of training camp that the Packers would be without their top five offensive tackles by Week 3, you'd think I was crazy. Now, someone named Ulrick John is a legitimate candidate to start. That's absurd.

The Packers Defense Can't Get Their Hands on the Ball

In the wake of Sunday's win over Cincinnati, we were especially troubled by one thing: the Packers can't seem to force a turnover. It's been an especially long time since the Packers started a season with this few takeaways.

Aaron Rodgers is Having a Weird Start to 2017

We're seeing some weird numbers from Rodgers to start the year. Will they last? Probably not, but that doesn't make them any less strange.

About Our Guest - Chance Michaels of The Dapper Packer

Chance knows the Packers' uniforms backwards, forwards, and inside out and he's here to give us his take on the Color Rush uniforms, throwbacks, and how the Packers could make their current uniforms even better. You can find all of his work at TheDapperPacker.com

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